1. Opening

10:30 Opening Remarks

2. Ageing in Society

10:45 Introductory Talk “Why Population Ageing Matters”
Sarah Harper
11:00 Panel Discussion “Living in an Ageing Society”
Angus Deaton, Hiroko Akiyama, Yasuhiko Saito
Moderator: Adam Smith
11:20 Interview “Innovative Cybernics Technology Coexisting with People”
Yoshiyuki Sankai
Interviewer: Sarah Harper
11:35 Conversation “Morbidity and Mortality in the 21st Century”
Angus Deaton, Anne Case

3. Ageing in Science

11:55 Panel Discussion “Why do we age?”
Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Tim Hunt, Tom Kirkwood
Moderator: Adam Smith
12:15 Conversation “Smart Ageing Study
Tim Hunt, Ryuta Kawashima
Moderator: Yuko Fujigaki
12:30 Lecture “The challenge of uncovering the basis of Parkinson’s Disease”
Randy Schekman
12:45 Lunch Break

4. Our Challenges for Ageing Society

Stream 1
14:10 1A: Life Sciences
(Frontiers in Life Sciences on Ageing)
Randy Schekman, Tom Kirkwood, Yoshiko Takahashi
Moderator: Adam Smith
Stream 2
14:10 2A: Society
(Social Structure and Successful Ageing)
Angus Deaton, Sarah Harper, Yasushi Iwamoto
Moderator: Yuko Fujigaki
14:55 Break
Stream 1
15:10 1B: Healthy Ageing
(Life Style for Healthy Ageing)
Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Hiroshi Itoh, Tom Kirkwood
Moderator: Adam Smith
Stream 2
15:10 2B: Innovation
(New Technology and Policy for Ageing Society)
Tim Hunt, Sarah Harper, Ko Ishiyama, Yoshiyuki Sankai
Moderator: Yuko Harayama
15:55 Coffee Break

5. Towards the Future

16:25 Lecture “Serendipities of acquired immunity”
Tasuku Honjo
16:40 Nobel Laureates Discussion “What can we say about the future?”
Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Angus Deaton, Tasuku Honjo, Tim Hunt, Randy Schekman
Moderator: Adam Smith

*Please note that this programme is subject to change.

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